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Cattle Point

Cattle Point - San Juan Island, Washington

Photo by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography

     An archipelago once claimed by England, Russia, Spain and America, today the San Juan Islands are part of United States and found tucked into Washington State's northwest corner on the Puget Sound. Varying from large inhabited islands to small rocky outcroppings, more than 170 islands are included in the archipelago. Nearly 100 have been named and 83 are designated as wildlife refuges.
     San Juan Island, the second largest and most populated, is covered with numerous farms, but also survives as a popular tourist destination. Once covered in glacial ice over a mile thick, the island is covered in glacial sediments today. Shown here is Cattle Point located on the south tip of the island. Bearing age old remnants of glacial actively, visitors may never notice the thick deposits of sand and gravel. This unique peninsula, protected as a Natural Resources Conservation Area, features a variety of wildlife habitats that range from a thick conifer forest and grassland prairie to tidal wetlands and dunes. Here on the shores of Cattle Point bird lovers will find over 160 species, including falcons, raptors, songbirds, woodpeckers, waterfowl, shorebirds and a large concentration of bald eagles.
     Once pastureland for sheep and cattle, the point was also used to direct maritime traffic in the Puget Sound. The first beacon was placed in 1888, replaced by concrete tower in 1935. The day used area provides parking, beach access and nature trails, with one pathway leading out to the lighthouse.

Directions to Cattle Point NRCA
From the ferry terminal at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, take Spring Street for a half-mile. Turn left onto Mullis Street, which in about one mile becomes Cattle Point Road. Continue for about 8 miles, passing American Camp, and the Cattle Point NRCA is on the right.


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