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Richards Covered Bridge

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Richards Covered Bridge - Jepko Road, Elysburg, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Named for the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, Columbia County was formed in 1813. Separated from a much larger Northumberland County, today's Columbia County preserves one of the largest concentrations of covered bridges in Pennsylvania. Coupled up with a bridge from adjacent Northumberland County, there are two dozen covered bridges in the area. Working hard since 2001, the Columbia County Covered Bridge Association has recognized the importance of these historic bridges and has realized a great deal of success in their preservation and restoration.
   Built in 1852, the Richards Bridge is found close to the border Columbia and Northumberland counties. Considered an interesting historic note, both counties shared in the cost of 565 dollars for bridge construction, a tidy sum in the mid 1800s. Sounding Richards Coverd Bridge - Elysburg, PA insignificant today when bridge restoration projects often exceed a million dollars, keep in mind that a skilled craftsman made sixteen to twenty cents per hour in 1850. It was common for carpenters, millwrights and blacksmiths to work a ten hour day for six straight days to earn ten to 12 dollars a week.
   This autumn scene captures the Richards Bridge where it crosses over the South Branch of the Roaring River. Unable to live up to its name in this view, fallen leaves gather on the calm waters at the river's edge, adding another layer of color to this peaceful scene.

    Columbia County Covered Bridge Map

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