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Chapel of the Holy Cross

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Chapel of the Holy Cross - Sedona, Arizona

Photo by Marty Straub
Marty's Sedona Adventure

   Arizona's splendid Sedona country will forever be associated with its majestic red rock scenery and iconic rock formations. Scenes of Coffee Pot Rock, Courthouse Butte and Red Rock Crossing will grace the covers of travel magazines, art gallery walls and calendar pages forever more.
     For some unexplainable reason, Sedona has attracted a wide variety of alternative healers. Noted as the perfect place for spiritual rejuvenated and personal transformation, Sedona visitors will find a wide spectrum of treatments for the body and soul.
   Added as a Sedona tourist attraction in 1956, long before the area's mystical upflow and inflow vortexes were fully identified, is this unique blend of natural red rock and a Roman Catholic chapel. Inspired by a Frank Lloyd Wright student, Marguerite Brunswig Staude, the chapel is one of the town's famous tourist stops. Working closely with then Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, the chapel was built on Coconino National Forest land by special-use permit.
   Bestowed with an Award of Honor by the American Institute of Architects, the hillside chapel is "open to all regardless of one's creed." Open every day from 9am to 5 pm, "it is hoped that God may come to life in all the souls that visit." Unfortunately no souls will be saved on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday and Easter as the chapel is closed.

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