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Myers General Store

Myers General Store

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     At roadside, Myers General Store puts on an attention getting colorful facade. Once truly a convenience store that just happened to be the only store on a 44 mile stretch of Ohio's Route 26. The Wingett Run store first took shape in 1890 and during its early years, the only place in town to pickup mail or make a phone call.
     Hurricane Ivan began as a tropical wave off the African Coast during August 31, 2004. In only five days, the storm reached hurricane status. Two weeks later, category 4 winds devastated the Grand Cayman Island and moved into Gulf Shore, Alabama, producing over 100 tornados. Moving northward and reduced to a tropical depression, Ivan dumped on the Ohio River Valley, causing the Ohio and its tributaries to rise 10 feet over flood stage. The freshly renovated Myers store was in trouble. The Little Muskingum River quickly spilled over its banks. The high water mark in the store topped five feet. The Rinard Covered Bridge was swept from its piers and carried downstream. Marietta and the surrounding area, including the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway, would slowly begin to recover.



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