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Auchumpkee Bridge

Auchumpkee Bridge - Upson County, Georgia

Photo by Ginny West

     Located between Macon and Columbus, Georgia's Upson County is just far enough to offer small town living and the convenience of large metro area shopping. Midway between I-75 and I-185, this Presidential Pathways Region is well known for its varied landscape, rural farms and home to two of America's presidents. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter were both inspired here by their rural roots to aid the country's poor and produce a legacy of social programs.
     Just south of Thomaston, Upson County's first settlers lived in a small town on Auchumpkee Creek. This thriving little community known as Hootenville is remembered today by the remaining Auchumpkee Creek Covered Bridge. Built in 1892, 120 foot long bridge is the last covered bridge in Upson County. Nearly destroyed by tropical storm Alberto in 1994, bridge trusses and main members were salvaged downstream and reassembled. Using traditional methods without metal hardware, the Town lattice truss bridge was rebuilt by Arnold Graton of New Hampshire. Restoration funds, totaling over 200,000 dollars, were provided by FEMA and the Upson County Historic Preservation Commission. Just about three years from the time the bridge was ripped from stone abutments, a team of horses was used to pull the restored bridge back into place. Surrounded by a picnic area and park-like setting, the bridge recalls the idyllic days surrounding Zorn's Mill and early 19th century living. No longer supporting automobile traffic, the bridge is found about 12 miles south of Thomaston on Allen Road.

   Map to Auchumpkee Bridge


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