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Virgin Creek Falls

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Virgin Creek Falls - Girdwood, Alaska

Photos by Dan Kehlenbach
Dan's Portraits of Alaska

     Surrounded by majestic mountains Artic Fox - Chugach, Alaska to the north and Prince William Sound to the south, the town of Girdwood seems to have cornered the best of both land and sea. Now well known as a ski-town, Girwood was first established as a mining town, with gold mining claims staked out on the Crow Creek and Virgin Creek river valleys.
     Here in south-central Alaska, and stretching northward from the Virgin Creek - Girdwood, Alaska Prince William Sound, lies one of the largest state parks in America. Covering about a half million acres, the Chugach State Park occupies a land that continues to be assaulted by glacial activity. Lying at Girdwood's doorstep,the park's roaring creeks, unrivaled mountain views and resident Mr Moose - Chugach, Alaska wildlife make this a great introduction to the wilds of America's Last Frontier.
     Here in the land of the midnight sun, photography, sightseeing, hiking and wildlife watching are among some of the activities of which vacationers dream. This Black Bear - Chugach, Alaska enchanting encounter with Virgin Creek Falls is found on the outskirts of Anchorage in the town of Girdwood. At the end of Timberline Drive, a short hike follows the beautiful Virgin Creek. A narrow pathway climbs upward along the creekside for about a mile. Here, the Virgin Creek drops in a 15 foot cascade. Not known for impressive statistics but rather for its beauty, this is an easy hike in a cool rain forest setting. For those visiting Chugach, one of the top ten state parks in the country, Virgin Creek Falls warrants a little side trip.

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