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Knowlton Bridge

Knowlton Bridge

Photo by Ben Prepelka

Knowlton Bridge Sign      Heading south on Ohio's Route 26 is one of the best driving roads in America, according to Car and Driver. Aside from enjoying this twisting, curve-filled road, it is also a covered bridge byway. South from Graysville, heading toward the Washington County line, is the Knowlton Covered Bridge (35-56-18), the first of four bridges on the byway. The bridge is off to the east on a gravel side road (Rt. 537), so watch out for the freshly painted, colorful sign.
     As the Little Muskingum River snakes alongside the challenging byway, the Knowlton or Long Covered Bridge was once use to cross it. No longer in use, the combination multi King Post and arch style bridge is one of Ohio's longest. It takes 192 feet and three spans to stretch over the Muskingum, and sits up, away from the reach of flood waters. The old relic was built in 1887, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, and was refurbished in 1995.
     The next stop on the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway is a Washington County bridge. Interestingly, the Rinard Bridge has already used up four of its nine lives.



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