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La Cathedrale St. Jean
(Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist)

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La Cathedrale St Jean (Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist) - Lafayette, Louisiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Taking up a city block in downtown Lafayette, Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist entrance- Lafayette, Louisiana the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, the Saint John Cemetery and Cathedral-Carmel school fill much of Vermilionville's (today’s Lafayette) history. The present day cathedral, built in 1916, occupies the same land donated for the first church, which dates back to 1821.
     Following a Dutch Romanesque style, the cathedral's massive brick walls and octagon bell tower dominate the heart of the city. Its capacious interior is supported by a series of arches and columns, accentuated by the light from upper story windows. Its marvelous flambeau stained St. John Cemetery - Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Lafayette, Louisiana glass (portraying the life of St. John the Evangelist), 14 mosaic Stations of the Cross, statues and stone medallions beautify the nave. Before the altar, crypts hold the remains of the first and second bishops of Lafayette. The adjacent St. John Cemetery, containing the grave of land donor Jean Mouton, is the oldest cemetery in Lafayette. As with most Louisiana coastal cemeteries, above ground burial tombs are customary, and many of which are reused for other family members. St. John Oak Tree - Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Lafayette, Louisiana Standing between the school and church building, the immense St. John Oak tree takes up a sizable portion of land beside the parking lot. Already 275 years old when the first church was established, the St. John Oak, or Cathedral Oak, is the third oldest member of the Live Oak Society. Supported by a trunk measuring nine feet in diameter and a circumference of 28 feet 8 inches, the massive tree spreads out 210 feet. Its huge limbs reach back to the earth for support. The tree, church and cemetery create an impressive mid-town sight.

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