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Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge

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Cutler-Donahoe Bridge - Winterset, Iowa

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Madison County, lying at the crossroads of I-35 and I-80, extends an invitation for all to visit their fascinating communities. Known best for its popular Madison County Bridge Festival, the friendly folks welcome visitors to come and enjoy a bevy of historical places, lively festivals and celebrations. Some of these fun times include the Peru's Apple Days Festival, Macksburg Skillet Toss, and a visit to John Wayne's birthplace.
      Madison County Courthouse - Winterset, Iowa Six remaining covered bridges are sprinkled throughout the county's picturesque rolling hills, including the Cutler-Donahoe Bridge. Built in 1870 by Eli Cox, this historic bridge greets visitors to the Winterset County Park. The 79 foot span originally crossed Bevington's North River, nearly 20 miles from its present location in the park. Crossing a natural swale in the park rather than a river, the bridge was moved and set up just in time for the first Madison County Bridge Festival in 1970. The 76 acre park not only features the usual park amenities, but it's also home to a wooded nature area. A loop road in this forested area leads to the three story Clark Tower, a wonderful overlook site.

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