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Steel Magnolia House

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Steel Magnolia House - Natchitoches, Louisiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Natchitoches, established in 1714, quickly expanded along Louisiana's Red River, becoming an important trade center. Historic District - Natchitoches, Louisiana A unique mix of ethnic cultures called Natchitoches home, including French, Native Americans, African and Anglo-Saxon residents. By the 1830s, a log jam was cleared on the Red River, and the strong currents cut a new channel, severing ties with a 32 mile long oxbow. By the beginning of the 20th century Natchitoches was totally cut off from the Red River, leaving the historic city on the west bank of the bypassed river meander, soon to be called Cane River Lake.
   Today's Natchitoches (NAK-a-dish), Cane River Lake - Natchitoches, Louisiana a National Landmark Historic District, strives to preserve its rich heritage and historic buildings, including its churches, plantations, elegant homes and forts. One of the most popular stops on the Steel Magnolias Tour, of course, is the Steel Magnolia House. Made famous with the successful on-site filming of the Steel Magnolias motion picture, the house was converted into a bed and breakfast in 2003. This grand Natchitoches home was designed in 1840 by Italian architects, Trizini and Soldini. Within a few hundred feet of the Cane River Lake, the 5900 square foot home is one of the highlights in the downtown historic district.

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