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Steel Magnolia Home

Steel Magnolia B & B

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Natchitoches, established in 1714, quickly expanded along Louisiana's Red River, becoming an important trade center. Quite a mix of ethnic cultures called Natchitoches home, including French, Native Americans, African and Anglo-Saxon residents.
     Today, the community strives to preserve its rich heritage and downtown's historic buildings, plantations, elegant homes and forts. Pictured here is the Steel Magnolia Bed and Breakfast, made famous with the successful on-site filming of a motion picture of the same name. This grand Natchitoches home was designed in 1840 by Italian architects, Trizini and Soldini. First built as a store with a great location, within reach of the Cane River Lake, ends up as an attention getting addition to the downtown historic district.




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