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Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls - Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio

Photos by Sam Prepelka

     Afraid of losing Cuyahoga Valley to urban sprawl, a group of concerned citizens and local politicians worked together to establish Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Although it's a short distance from Akron and Cleveland, the parkland's deep forests, rolling hills and lush river valleys are worlds apart from the densely populated cities. During the Depression Era, much of the land around the valley was developed into scattered recreational venues, local parks and scout camps. By the 1970s, local residents hoped the area could be unified under President Nixon's Parks to the People policy. Meeting strong opposition from the National Parks Service, Ohio Congressmen continued their fight until the national park was a reality.
     All falling under the protection of the park, the Cuyahoga River, the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath, Tinkers Creek Gorge, and area farms and farmland add a diverse menu of park attractions. Brandywine Falls The Cuyahoga Valley's waterfalls are among the most popular destinations in the park, with Brandywine Falls deserving a lot of attention. Not far from Interstate 271, Brandywine Creek makes a short run to the Cuyahoga River. Protected by a hard covering of Berea sandstone, the creek has whittled away the soft layers of underlying shale, creating a beautiful bridal-veil shaped falls. The mile and a half Brandywine Gorge Trail not only allows numerous vantage points of the 65 foot waterfall, but continues to follow the edge of the gorge. Here, moisture loving hemlocks and contrasting maples shade the riverbanks. Wildflowers and mosses carpet the valley floor, inviting a up-close look. In the fall, the valley takes on a golden glow, offering one of many reasons to return to this diverse parkland.

   Cuyahoga Valley National Park Map


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