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Bennington Battle Monument

Bennington Battle Monument, Vermont

Photo by Ben Prepelka

During the summer of 1777, British forces devised a two prong attack intended to crush American forces and put an end to their revolutionary ideas. Looking to isolate New England from the remainder of the colonies, General John Burgoyne lead his troops from Montréal into New York State. Burgoyne planned to meet with Lieutenant Colonel Barry St. Leger's army coming in from the west. After recapturing Fort Ticonderoga, Burgoyne's supply line was stretched too thin, and made a move to seize American supplies at Bennington, Vermont.
General John Stark cleverly thwarted Burgoyne's attack at Walloomsac, New York. The British forces were weakened and eventually surrendered after the Battle of Saratoga.
The Bennington Battle Monument, Vermont's tallest structure, commemorates John Stark's defense of the city. A local historic group made plans to celebrate the battle's centennial with a 300 foot monument, although the cornerstone wasn't laid until 1887. Built of Sandy Hill dolomite and blue-gray limestone, the stone obelisk is open during the summer months. After paying a small fee, an elevator whisks visitors to the top for a splendid view of Vermont and its neighboring states, New York and Massachusetts. Even though the monument lies in Vermont, the Bennington Battlefield Historic Site is found in Walloomsac, New York.



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