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Photos by Gregory S. Hamilton
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     One of Ohio's most cherished parks, Hocking Hills holds Old Man's Cave - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio a wonderful group of park areas that cluster along Route 374 nearby Logan. Some of the most popular stops include Ash Cave and Cedar Falls, but the most visitors stop at the Old Man's Cave first. Even though Hocking Hills State Park shows evidence of the Adena culture dating back 7000 years, the Old Man's Cave section is named after one of the recent inhabitants, Richard Rowe. Old Mans Cave and Bridge - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio Living here in the early 1800s, apparently the old hermit called the cave in this area home.
     You may be able to casually explore all the highlights of the six park sections in a day, but the Old Man's Cave is one stop that must thoroughly be enjoyed. Just a short walk from the parking lot, waterfalls, quiet pools, high cliff walls, an extra-large recess cave and picturesque stone bridges are intricately woven into the gorge. Every nook of the hollow is filled with some special feature. It's no wonder why this scenic wonderland is the most popular section of Hocking Hills State Park, and it's easy to guess why Richard Rowe would want to live here.

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