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Pololu Valley Beach

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Pololu Valley Beach - Kapaau, Hawaii

Photo by Ginny West

   Hawaii, the youngest island of the chain, is also the largest, and still growing with volcanic activity every day. Dodging most volcanic activity, the tropical island paradise is encircled with scenic highways, leading to dramatic mountain views, incredible beaches and the ever enticing waters of the blue Pacific Ocean.
   The beautiful seascape of Pololu Beach, seen from the Pololu Valley Overlook, offers a grand view of Hawaii's Kohala Mountains and rugged coastline. The lookout is perched some 400 feet above the water, and below lies the Secret Beach. Found well off the beaten path at the end of Route 270 (Kohala Mountain Road), this stunning view is always a thrill first time visitors.
   The relatively wild and unspoiled forestland is accessed by the Awini foot trail. Steps and a winding path lead through the lush tropical setting, and down to the black sand beach below. After exploring the beach, consider saving a little energy, as the three-quarter mile hike may pose a challenge on the way back to the top.

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