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Grand Traverse Bay

Grand Traverse Bay

Photo by Ben Prepelka

A birds-eye-view, looking at Michigan's Lower Peninsula, sees Traverse City and Grand Traverse Bay located on an imaginary Fruit Tree Blossomslittle finger. Laying at the tip of the bay, Traverse City is the largest city in northern Michigan, perhaps drawing in residents with its moderate climate. Grand Traverse Bay, a large, protected body of water, creates mild weather conditions and an extended growing season. The county's farmers take full advantage of these exceptional opportunities, with special attention to fruit trees and vineyards. Traverse City is known as the cherry capitol of the world, celebrating all week long during the first week in July.
This Picture of the Day looks out onto Grand Traverse Bay from Traverse City State Park, a 47 acre urban park along the shoreline. Although the bay may be a big drawing card, it's the cherry trees that put on quite a popular springtime show, with most of the 2.6 million trees spread over the Leelanau and Old Mission peninsulas.



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