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Lower Geyser Basin

Lower Geyser Basin - Wyoming

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Yellowstone Park is filled with a fascinating collage of steaming geysers, deep picturesque canyons, over 260 species of entertaining animals, beautiful waterfalls, one of America's largest mountain lakes, dangerous thermal waters, and some of the most spectacular, yet uncommon scenery in the world.
     The Lower Geyser Basin, pictured here, contains an array of hot springs, steaming geysers and bubbling paint pots. The Firehole River winds its way through the basin and meets up with the Madison and Gibbon rivers. The Lower Geyser Basin is just north of Yellowstone's most famous geyser, Old Faithful (web cam). This entire area rests upon Yellowstone's huge caldera, which is storing massive amounts of energy, with some dooms-day prognosticators saying that it's just waiting to blow.




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