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Lidtke Mill Historic Site

Lidtke Mill Historic Site

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Lidke Park is located on the Upper Iowa River, just outside the town of Lime Springs. The river, nominated as one of the nation's first Wild and Scenic Rivers, is a wonderful backdrop for Lidke Park. From here, popular canoe trips begin along the Iowa River, where towering limestone bluffs and rock spires line the waterway. Located in northeast Iowa, Lidke Park and Lime Springs are just a few miles from the Minnesota border.
     A short walk from the park leads to Lidke Mill Historic Site. The old mill, built in 1857, was ordinarily used as a flour mill. The mill, driven by a water wheel, also cut timber at one time. Later it was reopened and converted to a power plant, producing electricity for the town. The mill complex and museum, in need of a little TLC, is open on the weekends during the summer.



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