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The Greatest Lake

The Greatest Lake

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     The Great Lakes, one of the greatest wonders of North America, often go uncelebrated and unrecognized as to their importance. The individual lakes are so large, a lake-bound freighter easily slips out of sight over the horizon. Eight states huddle around the lakes, contributing over 40 percent of the America's income generated from farming, manufacturing and mining. The five Great Lakes cover 94,000 square miles and hold 20 percent of the world's freshwater. In reference to their size, all five lakes are listed in the top dozen largest lakes in the world.
     A view on Lake Superior's southern shore is pictured here. A collection of well worn rocks in the foreground have tumbled in the surf of the world's largest lake. Superior, the deepest lake, holds more water than the rest of the Great Lakes combined. Totaling up more than 10,900 miles of shoreline, countless historic towns, state and national parks are spread throughout. The Great Lakes area has got to be one of the top vacationing regions in America. The biggest problems may be deciding what to take in, or what to drop from your travel plans.



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