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Goblin Valley - Goblin Valley State Park, Green River, Utah

Photo by Thomas Dence
Goblin Valley closeup by Rob Jones

     Joint cracks (fractures) in an ancient seabed provided that tiny opportunity for erosion to get its start, This, plus time, was all that was needed to create these Goblin Valley rock sculptures. Although the park is located in the Utah desert, occasional thunderstorms and strong winds began to shape the layers of Entrada sandstone into a wonderland of eerie shapes.
     Discovered in the late 1920s, it took more than 20 years for Arthur Chaffin to return to his Mushroom Valley with a camera. Goblin Valley Closeup - Goblin Valley State Park, Utah It didnít take long for his photographs and tales of this mysterious valley to attract throngs of visitors. Worried about preservation, the state set aside three acres as the Goblin Valley State Preserve in 1954.
     Today, itís a whole lot easier to visit Goblin Valley. Utah Route 24 was eventually paved, as well as Goblin Valley park roads. The campground not only offers 25 spacious campsites, but offers a unique opportunity to catch the early morning or late day sun when it casts long shadows across this bizarre landscape. Hot showers, large parking pads and an observation overlook add up to a great overnight stay. Nearby slot canyons, petroglyph panels, and thousands of pinnacles and hoodoos await to greet you.
     Speaking of greetings, say "hello" to Tom's hiking companion, standing out there among the rocks, waiting for you to wave to him.

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