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Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve

Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve

Photos by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography

Osprey      Leon County's Lake Jackson is one of the few remaining natural sinkhole lakes in Florida. The 4,000 plus acre freshwater lake is shallow, except for two large 30 foot sinkholes. When Florida's Panhandle area remains in a drought condition and groundwater levels begin to drop, lake water is funneled down through the sinkholes causing fluctuations in water levels within the lake. These extremes create conditions for rich wetland habitats and great wildlife diversity.
     In this picturesque setting, Lake Jackson looks natural and calm on the surface. But, as you can guess, troubles abound. Known for its trophy bass and huge economical boost to the community, the lake is plagued by muck build-up. The problem, beginning with wet/dry cycles, is caused by rotted vegetation. Man has also contributed more problems with Route 27 that cuts across the northern section of the lake. When lake waters recede, wildlife tends to migrate. It's easy to imagine trouble when thousands of wild creatures attempt crossing the highway. Under-the-roadway wildlife passages have been proposed, and when in place, motorists will be much safer.
     Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve is home for handful of endangered species, including the wood stork, snowy egret, bald eagle, the alligator and round-tailed muskrat. Protection is needed for not only these endangered species, but for all the wandering critters at the preserve.



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