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Huckleberry Railroad

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Huckleberry Railroad - Flint, Michigan

Photos by Chris Muller
Chris's Huckleberry Photo Gallery

     Flint's Huckleberry Railroad, with locomotive #152 in the lead, Water Stop - Huckleberry RR, Flint, Michigan is one of the sweet tarts of scenic train tours. Here, the vintage steam locomotive pushes through a fresh blanket of Michigan snow. Winter white, the engine's coal black paint and billowing cloud of smoke create a dramatic image along the former Pere Marquette Railway. Still in service, the 1920s locomotive was once a proud engine of the Alaska Railroad. Huckleberry RR - Flint, Michigan Rescued from the scrap yard in Stockton, California, the reconditioned locomotive (a 4-6-0) became the prime engine for the Huckleberry Railroad. Taken out of service for a major overhaul in 1990, the #464 was pressed into service.
      The Huckleberry, running slow enough that you could jump off (and back on) to pick huckleberries, also has a nice collection of vintage cars and coaches. For railroad aficionados, the railroad owns and operates seven locomotives, two cabooses, a hopper car, and a motorcar. Every car, coach and caboose, as well as the popular steam locomotives, tell their own unique story, and engaging history.

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