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Kebler Pass

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Kebler Pass - Gunnison County, Colorado

Photos by Paul Winters
Paul's High Country Aerie

   The bold Rocky Mountains sometimes carry the nickname rooftop of America ... and Colorado has more high peaks than any other state. Its peaks are littered with old mining towns and vast areas are protected wilderness lands. These snow-capped Rocky Mountain peaks are same seen advertisements, magazine articles, photographer's galleries, and travel brochures that capture everyone's hearts with their breathtaking magnificence. Even during the summer months the air is still crisp and clear, a welcome respite from hot, congested cities.
   Summer and winter are the big draws for tourism. But during autumn, when the mountains are covered in huge swaths of golden aspens, Autumn Aspens Backcountry Roads, Colorado the area becomes a photographer's dreamland. Shorter days and colder nights during September ensure the mountainsides are covered with radiant aspen foliage. Like a kid in a candy store searching for the tastiest treat, sightseers cruise the winding roads and over mountain passes in hopes of finding the best glowing stand of aspen.
   Pictured here is a brilliant swath of aspen along Kebler Pass (that's Kebler, not Keebler. No known elves in this vicinity). Although the Kebler Pass route is a gravel road, it's well maintained and follows an old, gently graded railroad bed, suitable for passenger cars during the summer months. Surrounded by the West Elk Mountains and the Gunnison National Forest, these mountain roads always seem to put on a show for those willing to leave the paved highway.

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