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Joshua Tree National Park

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Joshua Tree National Park - Riverside County, California

Photos by Ian Parker
Evanescent Light Photography

   The immense Sonoran Desert pays no attention to borders of Arizona, California Joshua Trees - Joshua Tree National Park, California and Mexico, covering 100,000 square miles of the Southwest. The desert, dominating southern California and the Baja Peninsula, covers a large portion of Joshua Tree National Park. The Mojave Desert also drifts down from the north and shares the northwestern section of Joshua Tree's 800,000 acres.
   The ultimate desert experience, the park's three distinct ecosystems harbor a Rock Formation - Joshua Tree National Park, California variety of animals, birds, interesting geological features, fascinating desert plants and seasonal wildflowers. The Little San Bernardino Mountains add another habitat for pines and bighorn sheep. The past 5,000 years of human habitation has also left a Ocotillo and Hummingbird - Joshua Tree National Park, California collection of archeological sites and structures.
   Among the park's competing features, the park's namesake stands out. The unusual desert dweller is found in the western section of the park. The Joshua tree name is often credited to Mormon pioneers and has become the symbol of the Mojave Desert. The largest trees reach 30 feet in height, with a trunk of 12 feet in circumference. Some of the parks oldest trees are estimated to be 1000 years. The higher elevations slow the blossom period, and during April and May the Joshua tree produces a beautiful array of white blooms, part of a showcase of desert flowers.

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