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Shavers Creek

Shavers Creek

Photo by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Gallery

     West Virginia’s Highlands Region, topped with the state’s highest peaks and the fourth largest national forest in the northeast, forms a stately backdrop for some of the most breathtaking vistas in the Cheat Mountains. U.S. Route 33 crosses over this rippled land and weaves its way through Monongahela National Forest, one of most diverse ecosystems in the area. With nearly a million acres of forestland, the area seems to glow in the fall. Four main rivers parallel the northeast flowing Cheat Mountains, posing a few obstacles for Route 33/55. This striking autumn scene captures one of those crisp October days when the air is clear and the forest begins to show off its colorful sycamore, birch and maples. In this peaceful view at one of road’s crossing points, the mid afternoon sun casts a cool reflection of Shavers Creek Bridge.
     Here in Pocahontas and Tucker counties, a collection of state parks, wilderness areas, and other West Virginia points of interest are spaced throughout the Monongahela National Forest. These winding two-land roads are gaining popularity with motorcycle fans. Some have stated the Route 33 is one of the best motorcycle roads in the country. Quick S-turns, long banked sweeps, and sharp elevation changes add a continual challenge to these scenic routes. They say that in some places you have a good chance of meeting your own tail-lights.



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