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Nevada Northern Workhorse

American Locomotive 
Alco 2-8-0 No. 93 Steam Engine

Photo by Greg Brubaker

Over 6,000 Winter Olympic visitors were charmed with a rare treat as they headed for the 2002 Olympic Cross Country Biathlon and Nordic Combined skiing events. Their transportation was provided by Nevada Northern's No. 93 steam train that teamed up with the Heber Valley Railroad. Months of planning brought the vintage train from Ely, Nevada, home of the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum. The herculean task, part of the Salt Lake City Olympic transportation plan, trucked in locomotives and coaches from three different states.
In this view, an American Locomotive Company workhorse steams its way through one of the first permanent settlements in Utah, Heber Valley. It's hard to believe this image was captured by photographer, rather than rendered with an artist's brush. This captivating scenic view is coupled with a touching story of passengers being thrilled with their first trip aboard a steam train, an Olympic first.




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