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High Rocks Creek Falls

High Rocks Creek Falls -  Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Pennsylvania's squiggly borderline in the east follows the Delaware River its entire length. In the southern half, between Allentown and Philadelphia, sightseers will find one of America's most scenic highways. Pennsylvania Covered Bridge Here in Bucks County, Route 32 traces the wandering Delaware River and leads travelers through a tranquil land of forests, palisades, streams, farmland, rolling hills and a dozen historic covered bridges.
     One of the most intriguing small town names on Route 32 has to be Upper Black Eddy. The quiet village along the Delaware River owes its name to the Black family. Here the Pennsylvania Canal opened in 1832, paralleling the Delaware River. The Black family opened an inn, serving the canal users during the 19th century. The combination of the Black family name and the river's largest eddy form the name. Now the peaceful town of Upper Black Eddy is no longer so mysterious.
     Upper Black Eddy is also known for a most unusual large boulder field of ringing rocks. Upper view of High Rocks Creek Falls, - Ringing Rocks Park, Bucks County, Upper Black Eddy, PA These diabase rocks sound much like bells when struck with a hammer. The Bucks County park includes 128 acres surrounding the boulder field and a beautiful wooded area. High Rocks Creek flows through the park and drops over a tilted ledge, forming Bucks County's highest waterfall. While the ringing rocks capture the most attention in the park, a short hike from the four acre boulder field leads to the 20 foot cascade. Informal paths follow the creek offer numerous vantage points from top to bottom.

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