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Cockspur Island Lighthouse

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Cockspur Island Lighthouse - Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia

Photo by Maria Gonzalez
Maria's Images of Nature

   This rugged little Georgian lighthouse has survived hurricanes, a 23 foot storm surge, and a Yankee bombardment during the Civil War. Citing cost savings measures, the U.S. Coast Guard dosed the light over a century ago. The lighthouse, used to mark the Southern Channel into Savannah, saw little traffic after being bypassed by the deeper Northern Channel.
   In this view, the Cockspur Island Lighthouse is seen at low tide on a small islet formed of mussel and oyster shells. The lighthouse and grounds were added to the Fort Pulaski National Monument in 1958. The tiny island is prone to tidal flooding, and is only accessed by boat. Restoration, including foundation protection began in 1995. On March 18, 2007, the National Parks Service, along with the U.S. Coast Guard, relit the beacon, nearly 100 years since it was extinguished. The light, added to the National Register of Historic Places, is best seen from the overlook trail at the fort. During low tide, lighthouse fans were able walk within a few hundred feet of the light. Now, during preservation efforts, the lighthouse and island are closed to the public, but you may still view it from the overlook.

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