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Coleman Theater

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Coleman Theater - Miami, Oklahoma

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Route 66 Sign - Miami, Oklahoma      Joining Illinois and New Mexico in 2009, sections of Oklahoma's Route 66 have been added as a National Scenic Byway. Once a symbol of freedom and opportunity, Route 66 stretched across America from Chicago, Illinois, to the coast of California. Enjoying a resurgence in popularity, the Route's historic landmarks have been dusted off and spruced up, adding a little more nostalgia to this historic journey.
     Stretching across Oklahoma, Route 66 Museum - Clinton, OK Route 66 still features some of the old highway's most recognizable landmarks. Two of the most recent additions, added in the 70s, are the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum and an 80 foot long blue whale in Catoosa. Another much older landmark can be found in the state's northeast corner in the city of Miami. A rare remnant of the boom town years of the 1920s, mining magnate George L. Coleman placed this vaudeville theatre and movie palace on the map in 1929. Bringing in a little culture to this old mining town, the Coleman Theater dazzled every Miamian with its splendid architecture. Mother Road Licence Plate Today's ballet troupe, opera stars and musicians take a stage that once hosted Will Rogers, Tom Mix, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.
     Now a community effort, restoration and refurbishment have become a labor of love. The marvelous interior is once again adorned with the original Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ. Thanks to a Texas collector who has generously returned the organ to this historic show palace. Offering the distinction of never having to close its doors, this historic Route 66 landmark begs for a visit.

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