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Casa del Prado

Casa del Prado

Photo by Mark Nielsen

     With its flamboyant decoration, it's easy to see why the Casa del Prado has endured. The Spanish-Colonial baroque styled temporary 1915s Pan American Exposition building escaped the wrecking ball more than once during its half century of existence. Over the years the building has housed the county fair for over a decade, doubled as a sailor's barracks during World War I, home to the Red Cross during World War II, and also housed the San Diego library.
     Preparing for the city's 200 anniversary, San Diego's master plan issued a recommendation to replace Balboa Park's deteriorating eye-sore. A proactive committee decided to build molds, preserving the facade and its ornamental features. Wishing to duplicate the church-like appearance, city voters approved the 3.5 million dollar bond issue, creating a new home for the San Diego Botanical Garden Foundation and Floral Society.
     Balboa Park is a 1,200 acre urban park in San Diego, California. Unlike most city parks, built for recreation, Balboa Park is a cultural complex. The 1977 National Historic Landmark contains cultural attractions, including museums, theaters, gardens, shops and restaurants, as well as the San Diego Zoo.



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