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Among the Red Rocks

Among the Red Rocks - Monument Valley

Photos by Rob Jones
Trip Reports

     The enormous Monument Valley, covering an area of 40 by 50 miles, pays little attention to the Utah / Arizona border. This famous valley in Navajo Country, was introduced to Americans as a Desert Primrosebackdrop for Hollywood's western movies and countless television commercials.
     Hundreds of mesas and rock spires rising over 1,000 feet above the desert floor have defied gravity for centuries. It's hard to image that this dramatic landscape was once a level seabed. Wind and rain erosional forces have carried away all but the strongest rock formations. Pictured here in the distance are a few of the valley's distinctive buttes and mesas. The most familiar pair of buttes are the north and south mittens, known to the Navajo as the big hands.
     A rough, 17 mile self guided tour route winds through the dramatic stone pillars and fanciful shapes. More of the Navajo park can be viewed by guided tours. This land of the Diné, among the red rocks, is the most popular park of Navajoland.



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