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Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley - Wisconsin

Photo by Scott Dommin
Scott's PBase Gallery

     The old weather rhyme, mackerel scales and mare’s tails make lofty ships carry low sails, is lost on today’s world of satellite imagery, Doppler radar, and computer generated forecasts. Long before the electronic age, farmers relied on their own meteorological skills, handed down from generation to generation.
     The Old Farmer’s Almanac took shape during President Washington’s first term. Based on a carefully guarded formula, still locked away in Dublin New Hampshire, claims its forecasts at least 80 percent accurate. Once in print, the almanac was committed to stand by its predictions, surprising many and entertaining the rest. By the mid 1800s, Editor Charles L. Flint shifted the almanac’s emphasis to farming. In the Almanac’s life this change was short lived as the 1900s edition resorted to entertaining general audiences. The Almanac continues today, never missing an issue in its 218 years.
     Here in south central Wisconsin, this farm scene is brightened by a setting sun, a wispy blue sky and plenty of mare’s tails. Although the old adage predicts a change in weather, today’s peaceful scene shows all is calm among the rolling hills near the Wisconsin River. Just 25 miles from the capital, these Lodi (peaceful valley) residents enjoy a tranquil way of life.



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