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Ka'anapali Beach

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Kaanapali Beach - Lahaina, Maui County, Hawaii

Photos by Ben Prepelka and Jim Stiles

     Golden sands, trade wind breezes, towering coconut palms and deep Kaanapali Beach - Lahaina, Maui County, Hawaii blue skies are a big part of the lure at Ka'anapali Beach. Here on Maui, vacationers arrive from all over the world to experience this classic Hawaiian beach scene. Located on the western tip of the island, Ka'anapali is one of the island's largest resort areas. Enjoyed by Hawaiian royalty for years, Ka'anapali is considered one of the best beaches on the island of Maui.
     Named for a large, black lava flow that juts out from the coastline, Black Rock divides Ka'anapali Beach in two. Pu'u Keka'a to the locals and a legendary cliff for diving, Black Rock is part of western Maui's last throes of volcanic activity, dating back a half million years. Now harboring coral growth and Hawaiian marine life, the area is a haven for young snorkelers. Black Rock - Lahaina, Maui County, Hawaii All swimmers are advised of a very strong currents, and it's suggested that the inexperienced to stay back from the point.
     Along with Maui's wonderful scenery and marvelous blue waters, guests revel in the mild climate of the Hawaiian Islands. Although the interior of the western Maui Mountains is one of wettest places on Earth, the vast majority of showers are light and short-lived. Maui's rainfall usually occurs during the night or morning hours, leaving the afternoons filled with Pacific Island sunshine. It's no wonder that Hawaii always ranks among the top vacation islands in the world.

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