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Edna Lake

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Lake Edna - Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho

Photos by Rob Jones
Rob's Sawtooth Trip Report

     Gaining a little more popularity on its famed eastern neighbor, the Grand Tetons, Idaho’s Sawtooth Range and wilderness attracts a half million visitors each year. Sawtooth Mountains from Twin Lakes - Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho Its row of jagged peaks becomes a striking backdrop to wilderness mountain meadows, glacial troughs, and hundreds of alpine tarns (lakes). Pushed up thousands of feet by tectonic forces, these handsome granite peaks seem to draw in hikers and horseback riders, and captivate all the rest. Upgraded from primitive area status to wilderness land, this area allows no motorized or mechanical equipment to enter, offering an escape to real wild country.
     This view of Lake Edna gives first time viewers a good idea of what this backcountry land has to offer. For new wilderness guests, the Sawtooth Forest Service issues a strong plea for all to acquaint themselves with wilderness etiquette. Most hikers and equestrians are unaware of how their slight impacts eventually add up and begin to take a toll on the land. Here, wilderness use permits are required. Permits are free, giving accurate use data that helps the forest service make future management decisions. It goes without saying, larger groups produce larger impacts, and are required to register at district offices. Cooking stoves are highly encouraged. The use of fire rings has given way to stoves, pans and fire blankets. Pack out all trash, helping to keep the land fresh so all others may enjoy.

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