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North Bend

North Bend Stream

Photo by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Gallery

The North Fork of the Hughes River originates in West Virginia's Ritchie County, near the town of Mountain, and heads in a southwesterly direction to meet with its southern branch. A large river meander, near Cairo, once form the northern boundary and created a name for North Bend State Park. When damming up the Hughes in 2003, a 300 acre picturesque lake was formed, one of the park's recreational features.
Expanded to nearly 2,500 acres today, the park's attractive amenities and the North Bend Rail Trail make this a popular stop. The park lodge and nine resort cabins were built up on ridges, perfect locations to catch the cool summer breezes. The lodge, containing 29 rooms, looks over the scenic valley below. Visitors also enjoy the delightful park setting from the glass-walled dining hall.
An old railroad bed of the Baltimore and Ohio, with its gentle grades, makes a perfect course for biking, hiking and horseback riding. The North Bend Rail Trail, stretching from Clarksburg to Parkersburg, used 13 tunnels to smooth out the railbed of this mountainous region. Most of these tunnels are used today along the trail, adding a bit more fun along the way.
This colorful scene captures one of the many remarkable water features woven into the West Virginia countryside. This small stream catches a reflection of the forest beauty found throughout North Bend State Park.



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