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Dingmans Bridge

Dingmans Bridge

Photo by Ben Prepelka

The Delaware River, creating the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, was once the site of summer resorts during the 1800s. Hotels, centered around the great S curve through the Kittatinny Mountains, catered to visitors seeking a cool respite from the heat of large eastern cities.
Today, a large tract of land, surrounding the river, is governed by the National Parks Service. Taking over the river valley and surrounding hills in 1965, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area preserves not only the land, but various historic sites. Millbrook Village dates back to 1832 and offers a recreated 19th century rural village. Other educational centers focus on art, trail work projects, and environmental education.
One of the big surprises, found on the Delaware near the town of Dingman's Ferry, is this three span iron bridge, one of the few remaining private bridges in America. As the town's name suggests, Andrew Dingman ran his ferry service across the river here, beginning in 1735. The ferry lasted for a hundred years until the first bridge was built. Today's Dingmans Bridge was the fourth bridge built on this site, and is well over 100 years old. Frequent inspections and routine maintenance keep this toll bridge in tip-top shape. Crossing this pin-hung wrought iron bridge is said to be a nostalgic experience for some.



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