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Great River Road

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The Great River Road - Transylvania, Louisiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Water Tower - Transylvania    Paralleling both sides of the mighty Mississippi River, the Great River Road covers 2000 miles, passes through ten states and celebrates centuries of American history. This National Scenic Byway is one of the oldest, longest and most unique byways in the country. Dating back to the Franklin D. Roosevelt era, the highway consists of a patchwork of local highways and main routes. From Minnesota to Louisiana, this transcontinental byway invites travelers to explore the culture, scenery and each unique small town story along the way.
   Because most travelers are already familiar with the Lower Great River Road, a land of exquisite plantation mansions, huge levees and a string of riverfront towns, this feature focuses on Louisiana's northern section of the Delta from Vidalia to Gassaway. This broad expanse, spreading over the floodplain for 100 miles, is only broken by an occasional tree line. Here on the Mississippi River Delta, farmland is most often discussed in thousands of acres. Highway 65 Abandoned Store Row crops vary between corn, cotton and rice, with Louisiana's largest crop of soy beans covering a million acres. Following U.S. Route 65, one of the most interesting names you'll come across is Transylvania. Awakening memories of Bram Stoker's Dracula, the town enjoys its spooky image. Perhaps the only town with a bat image on its water tower and a general store featuring Count Dracula on the window, you may soon wonder who would name their town Transylvania. Aside from the non-official town slogan, "We're always glad to have new blood in town," there's not much of a connection to the Romanian Province of Transylvania.

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