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Reflecting Pool & Washington Monument - National Mall, Washington DC

Photos by Brad Troy
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   Washington DC's National Mall stretches a little over two miles across the heart of the city from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial. Established in 1965, the National Mall and Memorial Parks celebrates three centuries of presidents, our war veterans, and America's commitment to freedom and equality. Bordered with impressive monuments and memorials, the Washington Monument, pictured here soaring 555 feet, is the most prominent structure in downtown Washington DC.
   The Mall's green space dates back to the mid 1800s when Andrew Jackson Downing was hired to provide a landscape plan for the Mall area. At the time it was far from the dignified setting we see today. Troops were found bivouacked there, slaughtered cattle and railroad tracks laid across portions of the Mall. President Fillmore's Mall plans were never fully carried out, sidelined by the Civil War. By the beginning of the 20th century, Grand Avenue plans surfaced once again. U.S. Capitol Building & Fountain
   Today's National Mall features the suggestions of more than 30,000 participants, ranging from protection to refurbishment. Sometimes called America's Front Yard, the downtown district is a unique mixture of the old and new. Countless government support buildings, a concentration of international embassy buildings, nationally recognized museums, and Capitol Hillís famous icons, the White House, U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court and the Library of Congress will keep visitors engaged for days. Guests are reminded to make a must see list, as one can't possibly see everything in the most photogenic city of America. It's a good idea to take some cues from the experts. One more tidbit of advice, "take advantage of the MetroRail", the DC subway system. With limited parking throughout the city, inexpensive metro passes are a bargain.

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