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East Rosebud Creek

East Rosebud Creek

Photo provided by ~ Rosebud Creek

The Beartooth Mountains make up the highest range in Montana, and is viewed as one of the most impressive clusters of 12,000 foot peaks in the Rockies. Here, the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, established in 1978, encompasses almost a million acres. This mountain range, noted for its permanent snowfields and glaciers, receives over 30 feet of snow most every year.
Spring's snowmelt floods numerous creeks and fills hundreds of alpine lakes that lie in bedrock pockets, carved out by ancient glaciers. Visitors, over 300,000 per year, have pushed this high altitude, rugged land to one of the top five wilderness destinations in the country. One of the most popular back packing trails, The Beaten Path (East Rosebud Trail), cuts across the Beartooth Range for 26 miles. Both the trail and East Rosebud Creek lie in the shadows of the tallest peak in the state, Granite Peak.
East Rosebud Creek, pictured here, drains the north side of the Beartooth Range. Even though it's classified as a creek, the east fork carries plenty of water. This fork of the Rosebud provides the best access for anglers, aided by a forest road that parallels the creek for miles. Anglers in search for a scenic place to fish are directed to check out the Rosebud creeks. Both forks, east and west, head to the high prairie through the Custer National Forest, and join together to meet the Stillwater River.



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