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Barrackville Covered Bridge

Barrackville Covered Bridge

Photo by Ben Prepelka

   Barrackville is the home to the second oldest covered bridge in West Virginia. Located just south of Morgantown, the covered bridge remained in use for over 130 years. It was the only covered bridge in the state that supported traffic loads without the use of modern reinforcement, a tribute to the expert craftsmanship of the Chenoweth brothers. It been said the 156 year old engineering marvel was built by the most talented bridge builder in America.
    Lemuel Chenoweth, a self taught civil engineer, was often described as a mechanic, inventor, draftsman, and craftsman. His accomplishments are not only a tally of 20 bridges, but also provide evidence of his painstaking attention to detail. Time after time, with odds stacked against him, Chenoweth produce the best bridge in record time and within budget, while working through nature's harsh elements.
    The Barrackville Bridge, using a 145 foot long modified Burr truss, was fully restored in 1999 and has been bypassed with a modern road and bridge. The span over Buffalo Creek stands as reminder of excellence, one of our national treasures built by the Chenoweth brothers.

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