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West Elk Loop

West Elk Loop - 
McClure Pass

Photos by Roger Gillette

After a drive through some of the highest mountain peaks in Colorado, it's hard to believe this area was once a level seabed. The period of this area's deformation is known as the Laramide Orogeny, reaching its zenith about 60 million years ago. It is thought that crustal buckling forces generated thick Golden Aspensfolded, faulted and metamorphosed strata. However, ideas regarding the uplifting process are part of an on-going debate.
The natural beauty of these mountains is enjoyable anytime of year, but it seems extra special during the early fall when aspens are covered in gold. The twisting mountains roads add more excitement in the high country. Most of these Rocky Mountain highways should qualify as scenic byways. This majestic mountain view is found along Colorado's West Elk Loop (Route 133), just east of McClure Pass, south of the town of Redstone.



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