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Gurney Street Ladies

Gurney Street Painted Ladies - Cape May, New Jersey

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     A fantastic escape from the big city's sweltering heat, Cape May was one of America's first seaside resorts. Gurney Street - National Historic Landmark District Affluent metropolitan area residents from New York and Philadelphia discovered Cape May in the early 1800s. Arriving by steamboat by way of the Delaware River, boarding houses and first-class hotels entertained a wave of summer guests. During the mid 1800s, Cape May's famous guests included Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Pierce and Ulysses Grant.
     Today, the entire city has been honored with a National Historic Landmark District designation. You'll find the streets are lined with late Victorian, stick and shingle style cottages, bed and breakfasts, and row homes. An area encompassing 380 acres, the Cape May Historic District includes over 600 buildings. Although fire destroyed large sections of town several times, wealthy residents were quick to rebuild.
     One of the most picturesque sights in Cape May is a row of Carpenter Gothic style cottages which line the Gurney Street - National Historic Landmark District city block of Gurney Street. Designed by Stephen Decatur Button, the Stockton Cottages were built in the 1870s. Just a short distance from the beach, well-to-do families would spend the summer on Gurney Street, bringing the entire family and their nannies. This pretty row of balloon-frame homes still bear the signature of Connecticut born Button. With more than 30 buildings in Cape May to his credit, Button's work are among some of the most impressive tour highlights. Most famous as a pioneer of metal-frame construction, his commercial buildings are still seen throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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