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Kymulga Grist Mill

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Kymulga Grist Mill - Childersburg, Alabama

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Still standing in their original locations along Talladega Creek, Kymulga Grist Mill and Kymulga Mill River View - Childersburg, Alabama covered bridge are seen as two remarkable Alabama historic landmarks. Lucky to escape the torch of Union soldiers during the Civil War, these 150 year old relics are found about four miles east of Childersburg on County Road 46 at the Kymulga Park.
     The mill was built by South Carolina contractor G.E. Morris. Morris not only guided construction work crews, but also forged mill gears and parts in his own Carolina foundry. The three story structure was supported by huge wooden beams, running the length and width of the building. All the timber was gathered on site, cut at the mill and assembled with wooden pegs. The French Buhr millstones were brought in by oxen and sled, all the way from the port at Mobile. Three underwater turbines powered the mill machinery, Kymulga Covered Bridge - Childersburg, Alabama lights and grain elevator.
Interior Machinery - Kymulga Mill,  Childersburg, Alabama      The City of Childersburg acquired the Kymulga Grist Mill and Park in 2011, and is managed by the Childersburg Historical Preservation Commission. The park includes nature trails, camp grounds and the 105 foot Kymulga Covered Bridge. Heavy rains and high water on Talladega Creek are always a threat to the bridge pilings and mill foundation, and again recent rains have set off an urgent effort to repair the mill foundation. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the mill is open for guided tours. A small park entrance fee is used for the upkeep of both historic structures.

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