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Jenney Grist Mill

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Jenney Grist Mill - Plymouth, Massachusetts

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Plymouth history begins long before the town became a center of shipbuilding and fishing in the 1800s. Plymouth Rock Along with the Pilgrim's first landing and the story of initial hardships, Plymouth's long stretch of history is easily rediscovered today on a walking tour of 1 Historic Plymouth. Along with the famed Mayflower and Plymouth Rock found on the waterfront, visitors are welcome to explore the shops and homes surrounding Plymouth town square, Cole Hill, Brewster Gardens and the very beginning of America's industrial age.
     Running through the center of the city is Town Brook, one of the main reasons settlers had chosen the site for their new town. This faithful creek, fed by perennial springs, not only provided an important source of water, but also furnished power for the first string of mills along the river. Each year, schools of herring migrated up this fresh water river, providing an ample supply of food as well as fertilizer for their crops. Mayflower 2
     Built in 1636, Jenny Grist Mill marked the beginning of the Pilgrim's successful start in the New World. Not only did John Jenney's mill provide new arrivals with ground grain, but also sparked the birth of the nation's industrial spirit. The first of more than a dozen mills along Town Brook, Jenney's mill utilized two grounding stones weighing well over a ton each. With an unceasing supply of power, the mill could grind a ton of corn every day.
     Plymouth, billed as "America’s Hometown", gives an account of the Pilgrim story, their historic landing and depicts 17th century life at the Plimoth Plantation. While a handful of 17th century homes still exist, Jenney Grist Mill is one of Plymouth's recreated historic sites. Here, Plymouth historians hope to educate the public about the economic, historic and agricultural significance of Plymouth and convey some of the interesting stories of the times.

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