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San Clemente Beach and Pier

San Clemente Beach - San Clemente, California

Photos by Nick Havrilla

     Reaching out into the Pacific surf nearly 1300 feet, San Clemente Pier overlooks one of California's most popular beaches. Pacific Surfliner - San Clemente Built in the late 1920s, powerful coastal storms brought about a new and improved pier several times. The latest million dollar refurb project strengthened the pier with coated steel piles. Attracting area anglers, a pier shop is ready with bait and tackle. Have you ever noticed how sharks and bat rays on the hook seem to always attract a cadre of spectators? Every day sightseers flock to the pier just to see the ocean and curiously ask what types of fish are biting that day. Meanwhile, pier restrooms and restaurants help take care of the basics.
     Located at the end of Del Mar Street, San Clemente beachgoers say they love the beach and enjoy its Mediterranean atmosphere. Reminiscent of Europe, coastal homes and businesses line the steep bluff overlooking the beach. The sounds of the waves and cries of the gulls are briefly interrupted each hour by a passing Amtrak Surfliner. Dating all the way back to 1885, this rail-route moves more than three million passengers along the San Clemente Pier coast every year.
     Named for the offshore San Clemente Island, the town was once synonymous with Nixon's Western White House. Today's San Clemente State Beach is one of the most visited. Surfers line the waters waiting on the most opportune wave. Offshore kelp beds insure the fishing remains one of the most productive along the southern coast. Night owls are drawn to the pier with a promise of spiny lobsters and crabs. Noted as a relaxing atmosphere, you'll always find something entertaining at the pier.

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