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Haystack Rock - Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   With a spirit of conservation sweeping the land, Oregonís Governor Oswald West, convinced his 1913 legislature to put a stop on the sale of all the stateís oceanfront property. A newly formed state highway commission began a program to regain this immense swath of land for park use. Hard to imagine in this day and age, but in 1967 Governor Tom McCallís Oregon beach bill guaranteed public access to all Oregon beaches. Today the stateís 85 coastal parks make the most of this beautiful stretch of coast. Averaging a state beach park every five miles, visitors may have a tough time deciding which park to visit.
   This photo features one of Oregonís most famous coastal scenes, capturing Cannon Beach and its signature Haystack Rock. Haystack Rock - Cannon Beach, Oregon This wide sand beach, an exception to Oregonísí rocky coast, instantly invites its guests to take a leisurely stroll. Haystack Rock, third largest coastal monolith in the world, looms above the waterline about 235 feet. A vital habitat for tidal creatures and seabirds, Haystack Rock and the Marine Garden area around the rock base are designated as national wilderness areas, and are also protected as part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Visitors are asked to admire this diverse ecosystem from afar so as not to disturb the sensitive wildlife.
   Named for a cannon found on the beach from a shipwrecked U.S. Navy schooner Shark, Cannon Beach has grown to accept its extreme popularity. Restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and main street shops entertain part of this beach-going crowd. Others are here for the beaches, coastal hiking trails, nearby state parks, and a look at the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse just offshore.

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