Scenic USA - Navajo Nation, Arizona

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Elephant Feet

Elephant Feet

Photo by Rob Jones

     If Arizona travelers were not already acquainted with some of the world's most recognized striking rock formations, these two lone Elephant Feet would be a big surprise. This roadside oddity can be found just outside Tuba City on Route 160. These natural rock wonders are just one of hundreds of unusual and distinct rock art features located within the Navajo Nation.
     Tuba City is located between the Hopi Reservation and the Grand Canyon. The Tuba name most likely was transferred from the Hopi name Toova, an Oraibi tribal leader. Surrounded by Navajoland, the Hopi Reservation takes in 2,500 square miles and supports 7,000 people. Reservation land stretches across the First, Second and Third Mesas, with the Second being the center of tourism. Visitors can view and experience the Hopi way of life at the Hopi Cultural Center.



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