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East River Road

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East River Road - Livingston, Montana

Photo by Ben Prepelka
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   Montana's world renowned scenic beauty and natural wonders are well represented in Yellowstone Country. As the state boasts more scenic sights and wildlife than residents, Montana's Livingston is an exciting blend of mountain ranges, history and a natural corridor to Yellowstone National Park.
   Flanked by the Absaroka Range to the east, Montana's Route 540 is said to be one of the most peaceful drives in the state. Following the Yellowstone River from Livingston southward, the East River Road is the scenic route to Yellowstone National Park. This broad valley is covered in tranquil ranchland and beautiful Yellowstone River scenes. Once sightseers head out on East River Road, they'll quickly discover why itís called Paradise Valley.
     Anxious to stretch your legs? Miles and miles of hiking trails introduce Yellowstone Country visitors to the Absarokas. Whether its day hikes or overnighters, East River Road is a great starting place to explore this marvelous landscape.
   For those looking for a relaxing day, Livingston offers a flavorful look at the Old West. Dating from the late 1800s, the historic district is a page right out of the Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane era. Main Street, quaint and quiet, offers a unique blend of museums, shops, galleries and restaurants. Located on the big bend of the Yellowstone River, the Livingston walking tour is a close-up of the century old Northern Pacific and Yellowstone history.

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