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Pinnacle State Park

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Pinnacle State Park - Addison, New York

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   For those looking for an exhilarating mountain climb, magnificent valley views and a broad panorama of south-central New York State, then Pinnacle State Park may be the place to entice you. If you're unfamiliar with this resort park, an overflowing parking lot may surprise you at first, but after a closer look you'll find this park is more about golfing, rather than hunting, hiking, picnicking and cross-country skiing.
   Overlooking the Canisteo River, this Steuben County state park covers 730 acres of rolling hills. Anglers try their luck on the freshwater Levi pond and during hunting season, deer, turkey and small game attract local hunters. Surrounding 1725 foot Pinnacle (Orr Hill), a nine-hole golf course receives the most attention. This scenic course was designed by golf course architect Geoffrey S. Cornish. By 1980 Cornish is credited with more golf courses in New England than any other designer. Cornish also authored many books on course design and turf grass management. Late Tee Off With more than 200 golf courses to his credit, Cornish was elected to the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1966.
   Improving the water quality and protecting Canisteo River Basin is part of a ten year Steuben County plan. While managing gas and oil leases, improving natural habitats and native vegetation are key. The Canisteo River winds through the Allegheny Plateau for 60 miles before it joins the Tioga River. Just north of the Pennsylvania border, the Pinnacle State Park is also known for its splendid autumn foliage. For the golfer, it is a real treat to play the Pinnacle course surrounded by the area's scenic beauty.

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