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Greenhorn Mountains

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Greenhorn Mountains - Kern County, California

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Signaling the southern end of the imposing Sierra-Nevada Mountain Range, the Greenhorn Mountains are the last huge obstacle between Southern California and Nevada. Found just east of Bakersfield, the Greenhorns are topped off by Sunday Peak (Elev 8295 feet), Route 155 - Kern County, CA a small-fry compared to its northern neighbor, Mount Whitney. Although Colorado’s famous 14ers are mighty impressive, the Greenhorns are also a stately range, and they get their start near sea level.
     This view looks eastward out over the Greenhorns from California’s Route 155 as it winds its way up through the range. The first discovery of gold here in the mountains has long since faded from memory. Although gold mining has all but ceased since the beginning of the 20th Century, occasional prospecting has turned up placer gold. These gold nuggets are found in a free state with little sulfide mineralization. Unfortunately the only free gold seen on this scenic route was an abundant supply of roadside rabbitbrush.

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