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North/South Twin River Trails

North/South Twin River Trails

Photos by Rob Jones
North/South Twin River Loop Hike

     The Toiyabe Mountains, the longest mountain range in Nevada, stretches for 90 miles across the center of state. The high mountain crest makes up the longest National Recreation Trail. The continuous 72 mile Toiyabe Crest Trail is prime backpacking country, featuring long Rock Shelter Archsections of road-less trail along the top of the backbone. To the west side of the high crest, captured moisture keeps the gentle slopes green with aspen, cottonwood, mountain-mahogany, pinyon pine and juniper. A much different look to the east, where an arid land with sparse vegetation reveals its volcanic topography. One section of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, largest national forest in the continental United States, covers the Toiyabe Mountains. Here, the Reese River flows to the west, while to the east, North and South Twin Rivers have carved deep gorges and craggy side canyons.
     The 115,000 acre Arc Dome Wilderness takes in the southern end of the Toiyabe Range. The wilderness is centered around the beckoning 11,788 Arc Dome Peak. This view is nearby the North/South Twin River Junction, with spectacular views and two challenging trails ahead.



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